Summer Picnic Guide

Few things signal that Summer has officially arrived quite an honest quaint picnic. And while we're all for keeping it simple, we're also total suckers for an all-out picnic that just feels a touch special. It doesn't need to cost you the planet to make a boujie picnic for you and your friends, but it can take a touch little bit of prior planning.
Ahead, we've weakened the four essentials that belong at every single picnic this Summer. Our advice is to divide and conquer, so nobody is left doing all the leg work, and everybody features a great time at your picnic.

You need to be strategic when getting to a picnic during Summer in Australia, because the warmth will turn almost anything into a sweaty mess (yes, I'm pertaining to cheese specifically). rather than making individual sandwiches or salads that'll find yourself being too awkward to scoop, we propose you purchase a full-size baguette, fill it together with your favourite toppings like salads, cheese, pesto, or antipasto, then cut it into smaller, more manageable-sized sandwiches. it's going to sound simple, but it'll feel far fancier than you'd think.

If you've gone to all or any the trouble of creating fruit platters, a variety of delish sandwiches, and gin cocktails, you ought to probably present it all on a gorgeous picnic blanket. But if you do not want to hand over for one, a Turkish towel or brightly coloured towel also works great.

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