Exercise in the Dark

Exercising outdoors within the winter often means exercising within the dark, whether you’re getting up before dawn or lacing up after work because the sun goes down. That’s no problem, as long as you recognize the way to stay safe.

Nights are colder than days, so don’t expect your pre-dawn runs to be as warm as your midday ones. Check the hourly weather outlook with an app like DarkSky (make bound to check out the “feels like” temperature, too). Then take our advice on dressing to remain warm while you run.

If you’re cycling, you've got to affect the wind also . Glasses or goggles can keep wind out of your eyes, and don’t forget to layer abreast of gloves, too. Consider glove liners or windproof gloves.
I learned this one the hard way once I was into trail running. If the sun was thanks to set at 6 p.m., i might confirm to possess a flashlight in my pocket if I’d be within the woods anytime after five. Light would start fading well beforehand of the official sunlight time, because of all those hills and trees, or sometimes I’d be out longer than I expected. And once I lost even a touch little bit of light, it had been suddenly tons easier to stub my toe on roots and rocks within the path. Now I always carry a pocket-sized flashlight, albeit I don’t think I’m getting to need it.

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