World Environment Day; Together we can #BeatAirPollution

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By the passage of time, We are getting the more comforts due to continuous evolution and progress in the Science and Technology But at the same time we are facing their negative impacts, too. Our Comforts are creating Harm for us. Our Environment get worsen day by day because of our own activities and as result we are facing major environmental issues like Global Warming, Pollution of different kinds, Deforestation, etc. Rising of Environmental Problems leads the people of the world to have Concern and Attention over them and make remedies to overcome these issues. United Nations declare the day of 5th June as “World Environment Day”, to observe any specific environmental issue every year. This year China will hosted World Environment Day with the theme of ‘Air Pollution’.

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World Environment Day; Cause and Effects of Air Pollution with Remedies:

Air pollution makes it difficult to live in a safe and healthy way. How worsen situation is that Nine out of Ten people breathed polluted air, while nearly Seven Million (7M) deaths are caused by Air Pollution.
According to WorldEnvironmentDayGlobal, There are some of reasons that causes Air Pollution, are briefly discussed below;

1. Household:

For Cooking, People usually burned different kinds of indoor fuels like Fossil Fuels, Woods, etc. and Light Homes. Due to the Indoor Air pollution, there are approximately 3.8 Million deaths are caused each year.


Risks and Illness due to Indoor Air pollution could be reduced by using modern stoves and fuels that are less harmful.

2. Agriculture:

In Agriculture Field, Two factors that originates the Air Pollution;
* Livestock, that produces Methane and Ammonia, which causes respiratory illnesses like asthma, etc.
* Burning of Agricultural Waste not only affect the Human but also originate the other kinds of pollutions.


For reducing the Air Pollution, Experts says;
 *Farmers can reduce methane from livestock by optimizing feed digestibility and improving grazing and grassland management. 
*People can move to a plant-based diet and/or reduce food waste.

3. Industries:

The Major Factor for Air Pollution through Industries is Energy production Industries. Especially Coal-burning Power Plants including the material and Solvent used in these industrial processes, to obtain the different Fuels for both commercial and commercial uses, produces harmful effects on Atmosphere.


Government Policies and Plans and their enforcement to These Industries could overcome the Air Pollution and also could increase the Air’s quality.

4. Waste:

Open Burning of Both Agricultural and Organic Waste produces lots of harmful gases of Dioxins and Furans and also affect the Ozone Layer.


Have improvement in the collection, separation, and disposal of solid waste could reduce the amount of waste that is burned or landfilled. In this way Air could be purified.

5. Transports:

The Leading Factor of Air Pollution is emission of Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the Transports. It is estimate that Four Hundred Thousand (400,000) deaths are associated with Transport Emission.


Policies and Standards, towards reducing vehicle emission, and their enforcement could make a change in Air Pollution.

We hope that World Environment Day 2019 with the Theme of Air Pollution will urge Governments, Industries, Communities and Societies, and Individuals to come together to explore renewable energy and green technologies, and make improvement in air quality in cities and regions across the world.

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